Grant proposals

“I also wanted to say that none of this [success] is possible without your help and advice, and your Luke-Skywalker-ability to light-saber through the writing fat.”

“He is VERY skilled, and he correctly picked up things that 5 previous academic readers did not.”

“Awesome work trimming bits, nixing unnecessary adverbs, and even weeding out an unfortunate instance of passive voice!”

“Gwyn’s suggestions were wonderful, and I have taken them all into account – I think the [text] now flows better, in fact a couple of knotty bits have been ironed out beautifully by Gwyn.”

“Thanks so much for your hardhitting (and correct!) comments, Gwyn – so much appreciated; I have reshaped the proposal accordingly … I knew there were some fundamental problems but couldn’t put my finger on them – one gets too close to these things!”

“I cannot emphasise enough how helpful Gwyn is and how useful his comments and editing is. Please never let him leave!”

“Gwyn: your work today has been heroic. Wonderful, thank you. … you’ve much improved the prose that you were given.”

“… you are truly a genius at this stuff.”

“But my words were very sincere — I did not expect anybody going so much into the text so alien to normal human interests” [from a mathematician].

“Fantastic – this is very helpful … great feedback.”

“Totally awesome as usual!”

“Thanks Gwyn- you really are pretty darn good at this!!! I read what you suggest and go ‘oh yeah, of course!’ but just don’t see it when right in amongst it … Like I said, you are good at what you do!”

“Thanks Gwyn, you are beyond amazing.”

“Gwyn, I’d especially like to thank you for your wordsmith wizardry.”

“This is great and incredibly useful feedback. Please send my thanks on to Gwyn. What keen eyes and mind indeed!”

“Thanks for EVERYTHING yesterday and today and over past few weeks. We wouldn’t be submitting without your patient help, wisdom, and quality editing. I’m enormously grateful.”

“Thanks Gwyn, that’s great feedback, we’re both smiling for some strange reason – it’s very eye opening to find that we’ve failed to communicate something that makes perfect sense to us. We shall improve it!”

“Gwyn will regularly review and edit the work of researchers from across the University and has continually demonstrated an ability to decipher complex and often poorly structured arguments and turn them into simple, easy to follow narratives that are fit for their science literate non-specialist audience” [my manager].

“Thanks very much for all the help you have given me (and countless others) over the years — all your enthusiasm, your beady eye, your big ideas and rigorous editing. You really have been superb in your job, and so nice with it.”

“I worked out that you helped me with 5 research grant applications (of which I got 2!) and through that process I had a very scholarly lesson in writing and focusing from you. I really don’t think I would have got there without you. Your contributions will be hugely missed.”

“I wanted to formally acknowledge how fabulous Gwyn was (is) in supporting me … His advice was invaluable, his patience limitless, and his editorial input superb. Please never move him from psychology. He is such an asset” [sent to my manager].

You are a legend! You know that, right? Thanks so  much!