About me

I live in the Netherlands, but I grew up in New Zealand. My father had a great appreciation for words. He’d correct the grammar of the newsreaders on TV and spend hours reading, writing, doing crosswords and puzzling over a scrabble board. He made words matter to me.


But he didn’t lead me into editing. First I worked as a potter, then I travelled, then I studied. Eventually, I ended up doing a PhD in social anthropology at Cambridge. I had a postdoctoral fellowship. I wrote a book.

I then started my editing career. Actually, I started before that, but only casually. While I was a student, I edited colleagues’ theses and the books of a couple of university lecturers.

I only started editing professionally when I returned to New Zealand in 2007. I worked on a big website targeted at PhD students and supervisors. I edited books for a couple of academic presses, and articles in history and anthropology. And then I got into the world of research funding. I have reviewed and edited many hundreds of funding proposals by academics working in all sorts of fields.

If you want, you can read some of the things people have said about about me and my work.

Yes, that’s me pictured on the side of a cliff. I do a bit of rock climbing. I also have a thing for hiking and cycle touring. The picture on the homepage is somewhere in Nevada. It’s a long road. Like writing.