“I am glad to see that (as far as I can judge) the numerous changes have considerably improved readability of the paper. I am also really grateful for the comments in which you explain why you are making certain suggestions and why some sentences are unclear. This has made my first ‘edit experience’ a very…


“Thank you for the fantastic work that you have delivered. Your corrections were great, and your extensive suggestions and explanations in the margins extremely helpful.” [PhD student]

Canterbury University Press

Rachel Scott, CUP publisher: “Fantastic job, Gwyn. All looks very thorough” Author Mark Derby: “You’re doing a fine job and I’m very grateful. I’ve gone through and accepted all your minor corrections and nearly all the more significant ones. … You’re doing a wonderful job” Rachel Scott: “I’ve looked through your editing sample and you…

Grant proposals

“I also wanted to say that none of this [success] is possible without your help and advice, and your Luke-Skywalker-ability to light-saber through the writing fat.” “He is VERY skilled, and he correctly picked up things that 5 previous academic readers did not.” “Awesome work trimming bits, nixing unnecessary adverbs, and even weeding out an…

My book

According to a reviewer, my book: “flows well”, is “engaging” in style, “evocative” in its descriptions, “explains complex ideas in a comprehensible way and does not resort to academic jargon.”


“ … excellent tone of voice” [Bill Manhire, one of New Zealand’s most distinguished poets, commenting on my work on the Faculty of Graduate Research website at Victoria University of Wellington].